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East Sussex Local Offer Posted on 21 Feb 2022

The East Sussex Local Offer website and new directory for families, schools and professionals in the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Community.

We are excited to introduce the new East Sussex Local Offer website to the SEND community that has been thoughtfully coproduced with various groups , including:

  • East Sussex Parent Carer Forum
  • Amaze SENDIASS
  • ISEND Service Teams
  • Adult Social Care
  • Health Colleagues

During development, we aimed to provide a website that functions as a central hub for SEND information in East Sussex. We will continue to use feedback to ensure the website is comprehensive, user-friendly and easy to navigate.


What does the new East Sussex Local Offer include?

  • Opportunities for user involvement and feedback
  • Coproduced illustrations and modern design
  • Accessible navigation tools, including audio readers
  • A new directory, 1Space, for support in East Sussex

What information can I find on the East Sussex Local Offer?

  • Up-to-date information on ISEND Services for families, professionals and educational settings
  • A comprehensive resource to help guide families in the journey to diagnosis, learning more about SEND and finding out what support is available
  • Signposting to organisations and groups across East Sussex that offer different opportunities and services

We will continue to use feedback to drive improvements and changes to the website to make information and support as good as it can be. Please find out more about how you can provide feedback and get involved by contacting us at:

Visit East Sussex Local Offer at


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